Workman LLP: Turning a perceived weakness into a brand strength.


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Workman is one of the UK’s largest privately owned specialist property management & building consultancy businesses – looking after and adivising on over 4,000 properties with an approximate capital value of £20bn+ while collecting over £1bn pa. In the 30 years of business they’d never advertised, choosing to direct their efforts to their clients’ businesses. The challenge: turn workman into a stronger brand in the eyes of asset managers.


The creation of a ‘reassuringly responsible‘ creative platform that celebrates their virtues; conservative, diligent and a little straightlaced. It’s partly this that gives workman a thoroughly professional and successful approach to property management and building consultancy.


Press: Increased brand awareness amongst property managers & peers; upswing in graduate trainee applications.

Online marketing: increased site visitors month-on-month by 200%.